Emails To Interviewers

After Your Job Interview

Impress The Interviewer with a compelling follow-up email

After you interview with anyone at a potential company (recruiter, HR person, hiring manager, President/CEO), emailing that person within 24 to 48 hours is essential. This applies to phone interviews, video interviews, and in-person interviews.

Sending a short email thanking the interviewer for their time and writing that you are interested in the position will not differentiate you from other candidates. An effective follow-up email includes those items and more.

Immediately after your interview, create an email to your interviewer using the recommendations below. Then follow the Process section below to have your email edited, revised, and strengthened.

Certified Interview Coach and Certified Résumé Writer Victoria LoCascio edits your follow-up email, ensuring correct grammar and revising the text where needed to create a strongly worded email. Since this could be your last opportunity to communicate with someone from the company where you interviewed, you want to ensure that your email is professional and persuasive, and that it makes a positive impression on the interviewer.

A well-written follow-up email:

Ace Your Interview Thanks the interviewer for his or her time and for the information obtained during the interview
Ace Your Interview Includes a reference to something non-work related that you discussed during the interview (if you established rapport by discussing non-work-related items, and if you can include it in a way that makes sense)
Ace Your Interview Expresses your enthusiasm for the position and company
Ace Your Interview Summarizes or shows interest in something interesting you learned during the interview about the position and/or company
Ace Your Interview Persuades the interviewer that you are the top candidate for the position, and/or that you are a candidate who should progress to the next interview round, by relating your experience and/or achievements to the position
Ace Your Interview Includes relevant information that you forgot to mention during the interview (if needed)
Ace Your Interview Clarifies something you said during the interview that you don’t think you clearly communicated (if needed)
Ace Your Interview Contains proper syntax, no grammatical errors, and professional language



  1. Email Victoria with the following information, and she quickly responds with the price to edit/revise your email:
    • Email you wrote for your interviewer
    • Position description
    • Your résumé
    • Your cover letter for the position (if you wrote one)
    • Date you had your interview (ideally that day)
  2. Once you know the price, Add To Cart below and purchase.
  3. Within 15 hours of purchase (normally within a few hours), Victoria edits/revises your email so that you can email it to the interviewer within 24 to 48 hours of your interview.



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