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Victoria-LoCascio-Ace-Your-Interview-Best-Resume-Writer-200Job search expert Victoria LoCascio earned the elite Certified Interview Coach credential. She transforms clients into confident interviewees, giving them the insider strategies and proven techniques they need to land their dream job and to negotiate their highest possible salary.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd.
Victoria LoCascio Ace Your Interview Certified


  1. Add to cart and purchase a coaching session (new coaching clients should start with the 1.5-hour session).
  2. Email Victoria your résumé (and cover letter if you have one). If you have an interview already scheduled, please include in your email the interview date and a copy of the job description.
  3. You will be emailed a link to Victoria’s private calendar within 24 hours of purchase so you may schedule your interview coaching call (prices below are for phone coaching sessions…contact the office for in-person coaching rates). Victoria reserves times on her calendar for last-minute interview coaching calls, so she will typically be able to accommodate a coaching client even if your interview is scheduled in the next few days.

Learn from an expert. Ace every portion of your interview!

Initial Coaching Session

  • Whether you are a senior executive, a recent college graduate, or somewhere in the middle, you will find this coaching session very informative!
  • Victoria will cover everything that you should be doing before, during, and after a phone interview, and an in-person or Zoom/Skype interview. There are a lot of little strategies that you should be employing along the way to help you keep moving forward in the interview process, and Victoria will walk you through each and every step of the interview. She will also discuss typical interview questions for which you should have prepared answers, possible questions to ask the interviewer, how to establish rapport, and how to handle salary questions. This is an interactive session where your interview questions will be answered.
  • For most clients, this session is enough to boost their confidence, and to show them what they need to be doing to prepare and ace their next interview. Some clients purchase an additional coaching session(s) below if they want to discuss a specific company when they have an interview scheduled (to talk about potential questions to ask about that company, the job position, or the interviewers), or if they want to practice their answers to questions, or if they want coaching on negotiating a compensation package (yearly raises are typically very small so it is important to start a job with the highest possible salary).


Additional Coaching Sessions

  • These sessions are only available after completion of the initial 1.5-hour session (see above text).