Client Reviews

" Victoria is everything I was looking for in a resume writer: thorough, professional, and understanding. We constantly communicated to perfect my resume and cover letter, and I am thrilled with the result. I've received great feedback on my resume from employers and friends."

Corey S., Maryland

" It can be daunting to update a resume after many years working for the same company, so I was very happy to have Victoria in my corner. She gathered all available information and quickly identified the key accomplishments to focus on. She asked great, specific questions and crafted a detailed resume that was clear about my experience and the success I had brought to each role. This effort ensures that an ATS will find clear information in my resume (and on LinkedIn), and has also really helped me with my stories for interviews. I also worked with Victoria on my cover letter and thank you email, both of which I can easily reuse now. In addition, we worked on interview prep, right before a big interview! While I had taken some video sessions on interviewing, having the 1:1 support to really dig into best practices for my situation was wonderful. I highly recommend working with Victoria. It has been a great investment for me."

E. O., Massachusetts

" I recently had the pleasure of working with Victoria on updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. All I can say is that she was a consummate professional and made the entire process effortless and extremely easy. Having been out of the "job search" market for well over a decade, knowing I had to update my resume and LinkedIn profile seemed like unsurmountable tasks. LinkedIn alone had changed so much over the years that I didn't know where to begin. Thank goodness a past colleague of mine recommended Victoria and her services. Victoria took the time to explain to me exactly what she would do and partnered with me to improve my professional profile on LinkedIn. I was amazed by what she was able to do in only a few short weeks. In addition, Victoria was invaluable with my resume. She took a very bland resume and with her expertise, she was able to write it in such a way that I know it will make me standout in a very competitive environment. I would highly recommend Victoria and her services to anyone in the need of assistance with their resume and LinkedIn profile."

Dom P., New Jersey

" Victoria was professional, courteous, and offered good insight. She was patient when I had questions, and worked with speed and accuracy while exceeding the expected delivery date of service. Great job!"

Eva F., Pennsylvania

" Victoria's LinkedIn Boost Service is a huge help to any job seeker. Victoria was critical in getting my job search off the ground, and is extremely insightful about optimizing keywords, skills, and just the overall presentation of your LinkedIn profile. I would highly recommend Victoria's LinkedIn Boost Service to anyone with a profile!"

John H., PhD, Massachusetts

" I owe a debt of gratitude to Victoria for her experience and commitment in helping me find employment. Victoria presented my experience and strengths in a positive way which attracted many employers. I went from barely receiving responses to my applications, to having a bidding war between companies trying to hire me. This helped ensure that I was compensated properly for my talents and experience. Unlike younger people, I faced the challenge of having too many years of experience. Victoria not only helped me overcome this hurdle, but also changed my mindset and self-created hurdles of having a closed mind on how things should be presented. Thank you Victoria."

John F., Massachusetts

" I highly recommend Ace Your Interview services. My experience with Victoria was professional and successful. She was thorough and greatly improved my LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn Boost Service. Victoria over-exceeded my expectations and delivered more than she promised during our exchanges. I also hired her to work on my resume, and she did a phenomenal job on it. Thank you Victoria, I will recommend your services to everybody."

Paul R., Massachusetts

" Victoria is fantastic and I would highly recommend her. She was immediately insightful and responsive and turned around work for me with quality and speed. She was very honest about which services she felt would be helpful for me, and those she felt I didn't need, which gave me that much more confidence and trust in the services I received. I am so grateful to Victoria for her excellent work, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with."

Laura P., PhD, Ontario, Canada

" Victoria was AMAZING! She helped me with my resume, profile, and interviewing skills. I highly recommend her. When you get to a certain level in your career, you think "I got this", but we can all use a second set of eyes to show the world what we can do. Thank you Victoria!"

Lucy F., Massachusetts

" Victoria did a wonderful job pulling together my experience of 25+ years into an impactful resume. I could not have done it without her. I also used her LinkedIn boost service to help with meaningful contacts and recommendations to make my profile more visible. After spending many years at my previous job, it has been years since I interviewed. I was feeling rusty, but after spending time with Victoria and her interview coaching I feel confident and ready!"

Renee G., MBA, Massachusetts

" Victoria was incredibly helpful in making me look at my profile and CV in a new light. Being able to understand my role within my specific industry and translate that into content through the Boost Service, that would get noticed was not an easy task and she did an exceptional job. She really had the personal touch which gave me a lot of confidence in an area that I was unfamiliar with. Thank you Victoria it was worth every penny."

Chris L., MA, London

" Victoria is an outstanding resume and content creator. The work that she has done for me is exceptional. Every time a colleague or a business partner sees my resume and LinkedIn profile they are complimentary about both. She is prompt, insightful, and asks the right questions to understand your talents and experience. If you want a professional resume and LinkedIn profile, Victoria is the person you should utilize!"

Ken B., Massachusetts

" Victoria did a fantastic job reworking my resume into a highly impactful document. I had over 20 years of experience built into a resume that I'd been reusing and appending for years. I felt it was time for a drastic redesign. Victoria took the time to really understand my background and career goals. She reassembled my work history and accomplishments into a completely refreshed resume. The format is easily readable, especially considering the detail that it contains. Victoria had me review my new resume and ensured that I was 100% happy with it before she updated my LinkedIn profile. I also used the LinkedIn Boost Service, which added a great deal of contacts and endorsements to my LinkedIn profile. These additions were really helpful in raising my profile visibility and reputation."

Ed H., PMP, Massachusetts

" Victoria expertly created a new resume and LinkedIn profile for me, and also completed the Boost Service on my LinkedIn profile. My new resume and LinkedIn profile resulted in a significant increase in activity and provided me with numerous options to evaluate. Victoria delivers superior work and maintains current knowledge on the job market and trends. I highly recommend Ace Your Interview and Victoria to anyone needing a high-level and professional resume and LinkedIn profile."

Bruce R., MBA, Massachusetts

" There are so many ads marketing career services, resume building and coaching that it can be very tricky when it comes to choosing someone incredibly knowledgeable, connected, experienced, and trustworthy. I've researched extensively and found that it can be challenging to find an all around excellent resource in this market who is also a straight shooter. Victoria LoCascio rates at the top in every category. I've hired her several times over the past five years and the results always exceed my expectations. The ROI on my investment in Victoria's career services has been incredible. I've recommended Ace Your Interview to others in my network and their feedback has always been excellent. Victoria is much more than just interview support. From resumes to LinkedIn updates to networking all the way to salary negotiations, she brings valuable insight every step of the way."

Kay A., Florida

" Victoria's resume writing, job application advice and LinkedIn service are second to none! I interviewed multiple resume writing professionals and she came out head and shoulders above all others. We worked together for several weeks in order to convert my military experience into a professional resume and outstanding LinkedIn profile. Highly recommended!!"

Ricky H., MS, MS, Massachusetts

" It was a pleasure to work with Victoria. She is truly an expert at what she does and has outstanding understanding of the LinkedIn platform. After reviewing my résumé and LinkedIn profile, Victoria identified areas that needed wholesale improvement and those that only needed minor edits. The process that we went through was efficient, thorough, and well explained at every step of the way."

Dominic J., MA, Massachusetts

" Working with Victoria was an absolute pleasure. Never have I seen anyone with the passion and drive that Victoria has. Not only did she do a phenomenal job on both my resume and LinkedIn profile, she went well above and beyond in ensuring that I was set up for success. From optimizing my resume and profile for my most suitable jobs to updating and tailoring the items that truly make my resume and profile stand out, Victoria not only perfected everything but she took the time to explain the importance of changes and how they will help me moving forward. I cannot thank her enough."

LaRue B., MS, MS, MA, Massachusetts

" Victoria was a pleasure to work with on getting my resume updated. She is professional, responsive and organized. She has gone above and beyond by giving me several versions of my resume and references. I would highly recommend Victoria to anybody who is looking to work on their resume and needs somebody to help pinpoint your important accomplishes that you would like to highlight in your past work experiences. She is a 10!"

Beth S., MA, Massachusetts

" Ace Your Interview and Victoria are worth every penny. Her approach and process compels and guides you to consider carefully the specifics of your accomplishments at each stage of your career. This is an immensely valuable feature of working with Victoria. The result is a much more credible and impressive resume in terms of substance. She presents your accomplishments in a very modern, well-organized, and compelling format on your shiny new resume. Victoria’s attention to detail is evident and comforting; she works hard and takes pride in producing your perfect resume and LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Ace Your Interview and Victoria LoCascio."

Brendan C., JD, New Hampshire

" I reviewed a few resume writing firms before I decided to work with Victoria. From the initial conference call to the final product, she provided great service. Victoria is meticulous, and extremely well-versed in her craft. She knows how to make a resume stand out by highlighting achievements and accomplishments. She gave me lots of tips and improved my LinkedIn page to get results. In less than 24 hours, some very attractive jobs appeared in my LinkedIn job feed. I am glad that I made the investment to choose the best!"

Tanya D., MBA, Massachusetts

" About 18 months ago, I worked with Victoria LoCascio to upgrade my resume and LinkedIn profile, and to boost my LinkedIn profile. As a result, I have seen a marked increase in the number of opportunities that were presented to me from recruiters as well as from professional consulting firms who wanted to engage my services as an industry expert on various projects for their clients. I am convinced that these are a direct result of Victoria's work, and I appreciate her efforts in making my resume and LinkedIn profile much more presentable!"

Michael B., Rhode Island

" I had the pleasure of working with Victoria on my LinkedIn profile, resume, boost service, and interview prep. Her attention to detail, reliability, and accessibility was always of the highest quality. Her efforts have optimized my content to the level of professionalism that my career requires. I highly recommend Victoria, and I'm grateful to have worked with her."

Gregg C., Massachusetts

" It has been a pleasure working with Victoria. Her expertise shines through and I came away with a more dynamic, concise and comprehensive resume. Additionally, Victoria's knowledgeable skillset with LinkedIn is stellar and absolutely worth the time and resources to have my profile boosted by Victoria."

Nicole M., MS, Massachusetts

" Victoria is exceptional to work with. She is dynamic. She takes your expertise and crafts an outstanding resume that gets results. She is also a very kind and compassionate person always willing to give you a leg up!! She offers a menu of services to help you land your new perfect job! I loved working with her. She is so sweet and talented. Definitely recommend Victoria if you need a boost for your career goals!"

Carole C., Massachusetts

" I was a client of Victoria's, specifically utilizing her LinkedIn Boost service. From our first communication via Linkedin, to our project phone call, throughout the project, and finally, to our closing out of the project, Victoria was a total pro. She made the process easy, helped me build a considerably better profile and provided me with a host of the critical skill endorsements that I needed to round out my profile and stand out to recruiters, employers, and my existing clients. While I have a background in computers and am totally at home among social media sites, I think it was critical to hire a professional who works in this part of the industry every day. Things have gotten far too sophistacted with the computer/AI tools that employers use in hiring to go it alone and expect to get maximum visibility and associated job offers. If you had an eye injury you would go to an a eye specialist not a general practitioner and this is akin to hiring Victoria to deliver speciality services when looking to simply boost your networking profile or navigate the job market."

Michael D., Rhode Island

" Victoria is extremely well-organized and engaged, and she truly cares about her clients and their career goals. She revamped my resume and was able to take an objective look at how to make my skills more marketable. She also updated my LinkedIn profile and did the LinkedIn Boost Service, and we did a 90-minute interview coaching session. Now I am much more prepared and confident in my job search. Victoria LoCascio was a true pleasure to work with."

Eric R., Nevada

" Victoria LoCascio took a very professional approach to improving my LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn Boost Service. Also, her help in revamping my resume was excellent as she displayed understanding and patience in getting it done correctly and on time. I would recommend Victoria without reservation to anyone in need of help, and a kick start, to their job search in a truly conscientious and caring manner."

Christopher M., CHA, Massachusetts

" Having an excellent LinkedIn profile is equally important as having an outstanding resume nowadays. In researching how to enhance my LinkedIn profile, I was lucky to have chosen to work with Victoria. Since day one, she explained what was going to be done and the benefits it would bring to my profile. Not only did she go the extra mile by adding more connections and endorsements than originally discussed, but also by advising me on my resume - something I did not hire her to do. Victoria is very professional and knowledgeable, very easy to work with, and very friendly. Her communication was consistent and timely. She genuinely wants to help you progress in your career and will do whatever it is within her reach to do just that. I highly recommend her if you want to take your career to the next level."

Alcides C., MFin, Washington

" My resume and profile weren’t reflecting my experience the way I wanted them to, so I looked into getting assistance. Victoria from Ace Your Interview made it a smooth process as she is very detailed, logical, and professional. Plus, she offered lots of helpful ideas and tips that I can use in my job search. I’m extremely pleased with the final results of my resume and LinkedIn profile and the LinkedIn Boost Service."

Michael K., Illinois

" I had the utmost pleasure of working with Victoria LoCascio. She was very detail oriented with writing my resume and LinkedIn profile, completing the LinkedIn Boost Service on my profile, and prepping me for job interviews. Her correspondence with me was very professional, and she was upfront with what needs to be done for success in any job market. For someone who will be finishing college in a few months, I feel completely prepared to tackle any job interview! Thank you Victoria for all your help!"

Ian R., California

" I highly recommend Victoria for writing a resume and properly creating a LinkedIn profile. Victoria was always honest with me as to what I needed to do in order to make it more professional. She clearly communicated exactly what she was going to do and how long each process was going to take. Victoria took my resume from needing lots of work to being excellent and my LinkedIn profile is now professional. Even though she was highly recommended by one of my closest friends I was hesitant that it would actually work. I'm glad that I met her because everything she has done exceeded my expectations."

Keith M., MBA, CSM, CSPO, Texas

" I was fortunate to be introduced to Victoria and use her three service packages through She transformed both my resume and cover letter into highly professional documents and added more relevant examples of my experiences. Victoria also dramatically increased my visibility on LinkedIn through the LinkedIn Boost Service where I was connected to hundreds of relevant professionals, and endorsed by hundreds of connections in the Skills section. She even added keywords to my profile to further my visibility. Along with this, she coached me on what to do/what not to do before, during, and after a phone interview and in-person interview. Victoria is industry savvy and makes sure that whatever service you use of hers will make you stand out to professionals. I highly recommend Victoria for her honest feedback and pleasant personality."

Alex B., Illinois

" I was looking to transition in my career and needed help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. Victoria went above and beyond, she revamped my resume and enhanced my LinkedIn profile. I really couldn't have done it without her."

Kibibi G., MBA, Massachusetts

" After 11+ years, I suddenly found myself unemployed due to a company-wide layoff. In researching how to enhance my LinkedIn profile, I discovered Ace Your Interview, and more importantly, a chart on the website containing some startling information. Every day of unemployment would cost me a lot of money! For example, the loss of a $100K annual salary equates to missing out on $400 a day of income. Although severance and/or unemployment benefits can soften the economic impact of a job loss temporarily, COBRA health insurance payments and unforeseen expenses can quickly erode what little money these resources provide. Once I understood how much income my job search was costing me each day, I quickly realized that the cost of services offered through Ace Your Interview were an incredible bargain! The information and outstanding reviews on Ace Your Interview motivated me to take action. I hired Victoria to create a professional resume and LinkedIn profile – must-haves in this competitive job market. Her professionalism and insight were second to none! Once she explained how the LinkedIn algorithm categorizes and ranks each profile according to the importance of keywords, I also purchased the LinkedIn Boost Service. The results were amazing! After she completed the work, I was able to connect with a host of relevant industry professionals and have since received many more invitations to connect and collaborate. I also received important endorsements in the Skills section, which helps my profile to rank higher in LinkedIn searches. The LinkedIn Boost Service optimized my profile for a fraction of the cost it would have taken me to figure all this out on my own. Time IS money, and an impressive and well-connected profile is not optional when you are job hunting. The sooner you create one, the better your chances of landing your next gig! The Ace Your Interview services were an excellent investment in my future and I highly recommend working with Victoria!"

Donna B., Massachusetts

" I highly recommend Victoria for the services she offers and provided me! Victoria was open and honest from the very beginning and throughout the process. Her communication was consistent and timely. Victoria took my resume from good to great, my LinkedIn profile is professional and impeccable, she exceeded my expectations on the boost service and provided great guidance on the process for applying to positions. It was a pleasure working with her and have since had her working with two of my sons as a result of her great work."

Manny R., MBA, California

" Victoria LoCascio helped my wife to land an incredible job a few months ago, so this month I reached out to Victoria for her unique LinkedIn Boost Service, and a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile revision. At the end of the Boost Service, my LinkedIn profile had a more professional look—everything from my profile picture and headline to my hundreds of new connections and endorsements—which is essential when trying to get a job. Victoria also offered plenty of recommendations as well as lots of do's and dont's for further managing my LinkedIn profile. The suggestions provided were concise, exclusive, and encouraging. The work Victoria did on my cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile were remarkable, and she went above and beyond in completing these items to ensure everything was absolutely perfect. Her skill and professionalism in this field of work was quite evident throughout. It was a pleasure working with Victoria, and I would greatly recommend her expertise to anyone looking for a job."

Ramesh S., MS,MS, Sweden

" I highly recommend using Victoria LoCascio to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Victoria is very professional and knowledgeable, and she acts as a true partner throughout the project. She takes the time to really understand your background, skills, and goals in order to bring together a great resume and updated professional image on LinkedIn. I also recommend using her LinkedIn Boost Service to get your profile to have more visibility. This Service has greatly increased the profile views I have been receiving."

Tilson B., Massachusetts

" I was extremely impressed with Victoria LoCascio's knowledge and skill. She made my resume on-target, and really expanded and revitalized my LinkedIn profile with the Boost Service. I could not have done it without her help! Victoria is very straightforward and honest, easy to work with, and highly professional!"

Kevin K., Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio is worth every penny. She is friendly, supportive, direct, and engaged throughout the entire process. It is my privilege to recommend Victoria for the amazing results she delivered in terms of my resume, LinkedIn profile, helping me leverage contacts, and assisting me with navigating LinkedIn in general. Coming from more than ten years in my last position and with substantial work experience, the task of getting myself out there again seemed daunting. Victoria was recommended to me, and I gave her a call. She quickly assesses where you are in the process, your comfort level, and what she will need from you individually to deliver a stellar package. She does not deliver cookie-cutter results! She takes the time to get to know you, your professional background, and the strengths you bring to the table. The resume, the LinkedIn profile, and her advice to you are very personalized and really reflect who you are as a professional. Victoria's communication and writing skills are at the highest level. The increase in people looking at my profile and reaching out to me was amazing. I can't thank her enough!"

Tom L., Massachusetts

" Victoria is a highly skilled professional who is passionate about helping her clients. She is extremely organized and kept my project on track with excellent updates. My experience with Victoria LoCascio's executive career services has been outstanding, and I highly recommend her."

Aziz W., Connecticut

" I highly recommend working with Victoria. My only regret is that I didn’t connect with her earlier. She’s got a great gift for understanding your background, highlighting your skill-set and creating a resume that presents you in the best possible way!"

Michael R., Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio did a fantastic job improving my LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn Boost Service. Her work was spot on, completed in the promised time-frame, and truly enhanced my online presence. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a GREAT LinkedIn profile."


" Not just a true professional to work with, but extremely talented in re-creating a resume and updating my LI profile. If you’re looking to take the next step in getting a new career/job – highly recommend getting in touch with Victoria."

Nico M., Oregon

" Victoria LoCascio is an "ACE" when it comes to optimizing your LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter. She provides detailed guidance in preparation for any upcoming interviews. She did a complete overhaul of my resume and I had multiple interviews within weeks. Her level of professionalism and customer service goes above and beyond. I went through an intensive interview process with her to understand my professional career and how to present that to potential employers. She is readily available and responsive. In fact, she revised and updated my resume for me recently and did so on a Sunday evening. The resume was sitting in my inbox when I arrived Monday morning! I have had several work counterparts comment positively on my new resume and want to format their own resumes after mine. I never hesitate to pass her name along to anyone I know who is currently looking for a job. And, personally, I just want to thank Victoria for doing such an amazing job!"

Ryan R., Georgia

" Victoria is skilled at Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, and improving your LinkedIn profile through her LinkedIn Boost process. Victoria is a skilled interviewer who takes a deep interest in your accomplishments and industry, weaving them together to create a powerful profile. Putting Victoria's work into practice, I have experienced a dramatic increase in correspondence with hiring organizations. I am confident that, as a result of her efforts, I will proceed in short-order and be hired into a quality position. I vigorously recommend others to work with Victoria to polish your internet profile, gain access to previously inaccessible companies, improve your confidence, and land that 'perfect' job! Work with Victoria. Your career deserves it!"

Paul S., Massachusetts

" Within 10 days of finishing my project with Victoria, I had secured interviews at 2 of the toughest companies in America to land an interview! Victoria is a first-rate professional who gets results, and she is a total pleasure to work with. I found her via LinkedIn's ProFinder service for top executive resume writers, and from the first call with her, I knew I made a great move. I purchased a resume rewrite, LinkedIn profile update, LinkedIn Boost Service, and cover letter. My new resume and LinkedIn profile look amazing and very professional. The LinkedIn Boost Service added 4x the number of connections and 3x the number of endorsements to my profile, so I am now appearing in more searches on LinkedIn and getting a lot more traffic and interest. My new cover letter is strong and persuasively states why I am a perfect candidate for the open position. Victoria wrote the cover letter for a position at a specific company, and I did get an interview with that company! With my new documents and LinkedIn profile, I am now presenting a high-level executive image to potential companies. Victoria went above and beyond her services by adding valuable advice on what to do, and what not to do, in my career search going forward. I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio and Ace Your Interview to colleagues, friends, family, and strangers!"

Rico E., Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio is in a class by herself and I highly recommend her services. I am a “do it yourself” type of person so asking for resume assistance was difficult. I reviewed many proposals and Victoria was the clear first choice. Victoria’s offering is unique. There are many options for resume writing, but Victoria expands on that, building a strong brand with a professional LinkedIn profile and the LinkedIn Boost Service. The Boost Service more than doubled my LinkedIn network. Now with over 1200 quality connections, close to 1,000 endorsements that target my strengths, and important keywords for my industry, my LinkedIn profile has more visibility and gives readers a strong first impression of my background. As a former hiring manager, Victoria understands the review process and what recruiters focus on when reviewing a resume. Her format is clean and professional, and it directs recruiters and hiring managers to the important parts (my experience and what I offer the employer) rather than wasting prime real estate on fluffy sections and distracting graphics. With a quick turn-around time, I now have the tools and the confidence to win, and have never felt so prepared for a job search! I am very grateful to Victoria for all her expert advice."

Laurie L., MS, CMA, CSCA, Massachusetts

" Victoria was a guest lecturer at our collegewide (New England College of Optometry) Career Symposium in January. Without reservation, I highly and enthusiastically recommend her as a professional who knows how to ACE all aspects of career placement. Victoria delivers no-nonsense, interactive presentations, geared to all levels - graduating students to executives. She is high energy, polished, confident in delivery, and tailored her lecture to the specific needs of our audience. We look forward to welcoming Victoria on campus for upcoming events and plan to extend the length of her sessions."

Margery W., Director of Alumni Relations, Massachusetts

" I wholeheartedly recommend Victoria LoCascio to those seeking assistance with job search services. She took the time to understand my career goals, patiently answered my questions, provided insightful advice as to how to showcase myself in the best possible manner, and created a highly effective resume and LinkedIn profile for me. If you are pondering a career change and want high-quality results in a quick, efficient, and comprehensive manner, contact Victoria from Ace Your Interview."

Tasha S., New York

" Victoria LoCascio is the best in the industry! Since graduating from college I have done a lot of overseas travel with some volunteer work mixed in, yet somehow Victoria was able to create a fabulous resume for me. Then she updated my LinkedIn profile, and did the LinkedIn Boost Service on it, which added a lot of connections and endorsements. My profile went from looking very sparse to looking very professional, and my profile views have significantly increased. I also did a 90-minute coaching session with Victoria, which was beyond helpful and exactly what I needed. She covered every step of the interview process, and gave me great strategies for what to do before, during, and after an interview. Victoria is very friendly and easy to speak with, and she patiently answered all my questions. I used my new resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as her interviewing advice, to land a job, and to get accepted to graduate school! Thank you Victoria for all your help and advice."

Rachel B., New York

" Victoria LoCascio does a great job with all her job-related services. Victoria is extremely knowledgeable, timely, and very supportive in the process, and she delivers results quickly and efficiently with a high degree of quality. She brought out the best in my background and achievements, created a strong resume, and organized and boosted my LinkedIn profile to make the most of LinkedIn's features. Victoria is nice and helpful to talk to, and she is very professional. I strongly suggest anyone considering assistance on their resume or LinkedIn profile to reach out to her first."

Greg M., MBA, PMP, ACP, Massachusetts

" Victoria is a consummate professional and delivers incredible results. I had her enhance my resume and update my LinkedIn profile. I opted for the LinkedIn Profile Boost Service as well and am extremely delighted with the results. My LinkedIn profile visibility has improved and I am seeing much higher traffic from recruiters. I have used several people in the past for resume updates and nothing compares to what Victoria has provided me. She went above and beyond to understand my background and my aspirations. I now have a powerful set of tools to reflect my professional background and skill set. I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio if you are looking for a high-quality outcome."

Carl H., MBA, MS, Massachusetts

" I found Victoria through LinkedIn, hired her to rework my resume and LinkedIn profile, and to boost my LinkedIn profile, and am thrilled with the results. The majority of my work experience was with a startup company and though my title at any given time indicated I did one thing, I was essentially cross-trained in every department. I always had the hardest time incorporating this on my resume because my experience went beyond the job title. During my initial phone call with Victoria, we chatted about my work history, education, and what direction I was headed for future employment. We went over a series of questions, which was extremely helpful because I was able to communicate which areas of my past experience were important to me and that I wanted to include on my resume somehow. When it came to writing my resume, Victoria blew me away with the research she did on my profession and the specific questions she asked. It was comforting knowing how much time and effort she put into the process in order to give me the best result possible. My resume was completed and it exceeded my expectations. In addition to the resume, my LinkedIn profile looks great. I started off with a measly 78 connections and ended up with over 750 connections, and gained hundreds of new endorsements! With the tips Victoria provided on LinkedIn, I’ve been starting to use it more. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Victoria, I deeply appreciate it and have already given your name out to a few colleagues. "

Amanda D., MS, New Hampshire

" Victoria quickly and efficiently delivers excellent results. It is very convenient that she is available after hours via phone or email. I had her rewrite my resume and LinkedIn profile, along with the LinkedIn Profile Boost Service. My LinkedIn profile visibility has definitely improved and I am receiving requests from recruiters almost every week, and my resume is now a powerful document. I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio’s services for job seekers who are looking for high-quality outcomes."

Andrew S., MCS, Massachusetts

" Victoria is awesome! I had her rewrite my resume and cover letter along with the LinkedIn Boost. I now have over 1000 connections, and I had around 350 before she helped me! I also had a 90 minute interview coaching call and her advice was priceless. She gives you a step by step guide to getting through the entire interview process even telling you how to handle many different scenarios should they come up and negotiating at the end. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone I know (and even those I don't)!"

Erica N., PSM, Massachusetts

" I was very impressed with everything that Victoria did for me, and appreciated the great advice she gave me. My new resume is flawless! Not only does the format look extremely professional, but also the content is very strong and clearly states my responsibilities and results. Every section of my LinkedIn profile was perfectly updated, from my background photo and headline to my summary, job descriptions, and education. In addition to the resume and LinkedIn profile update, I also purchased the LinkedIn Boost Service. All the new keywords, connections, and skills endorsements that were added to my profile made an enormous difference in how my profile looks. I now have the correct keywords on my profile and am ranking higher in searches so my profile has much more visibility on LinkedIn. With my new resume and LinkedIn profile, I am confident and excited in my job search. Victoria is easy to work with, and she is a wealth of knowledge on everything related to job searches. Ace Your Interview president Victoria LoCascio receives my highest recommendation for a job very well done."

Karen S., MS, New York

" The Five Star provider for Executive Resume Writing! I was referred to Victoria through the LinkedIn Resume writing service. I was in need of a refresh of both my LinkedIn profile and my resume. After having just completed both her "Boost Service" and "Resume Writing Service" I am certainly glad I had her help me. The entire process was everything somebody looking for a job needs. Victoria was quick to respond, efficient with her work, and very thorough in explaining everything at every step of the process. Victoria took the time to ensure I understood both the "why" and the "how" of the "Boost Service", and thoroughly answered whatever questions I had along the way. Her process was very efficient and straight forward. Victoria is extremely detail oriented and made it her priority to make sure everything in both my profile and resume were perfect. I could tell that Victoria always strives to exceed her client's expectations every time. I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone looking to turbo-charge their job search and make the most of their professional network. As anyone who has been in the job market recently knows, you need every advantage you can get. Victoria definitely helps with that objective and more. I highly recommend Victoria for all of your LinkedIn and Executive Resume Writing needs."

Vince S., CRCM, Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio was recommended to me by a trusted colleague. Victoria supported my job transition by rewriting my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile; and boosting my LinkedIn connections, endorsements, keywords, and ranking. Victoria is extremely knowledgeable, timely, and very supportive in the process. While Victoria and I spoke via phone during business hours, she was also available after hours on phone or via email. I always felt supported and she continued to keep me informed on her progress. I was extremely happy with the quality of work and her level of interaction. Finding a job is hard work, give yourself the edge and call Victoria."

Joanne H., New Jersey

" Sometimes you're uncertain about which way to go. You reach the end of your line as far as your knowledge in charting a direction. You need help. I was there. I didn't know how to go after the job I wanted and seemed to not have the right stuff to attract employers. But that changed when I contacted Victoria after finding out about her services through a YouTube video. She worked her magic and soon after I received plenty of interest from recruiters. For anyone on the fence about working with Victoria, just do it. You will not regret it!"

Bobby W., MA, District of Columbia

" Victoria LoCascio does a fantastic job with all job-related services. She made my resume look very polished, and organized my LinkedIn profile to make the most of LinkedIn's features. I appear in more search results now than I ever had before thanks to the LinkedIn Boost Service. Victoria is nice and helpful to talk to, and she is very professional."

Bea R., MBA, Massachusetts

" Victoria is a fast professional and extremely helpful in the services she offers. Writing a resume is a daunting task especially when you consider the many many applicants vying for the same position you are. A strong resume is important in helping getting past the initial screening process that applicants must go through before actually being considered for the job. I am confident that Victoria has played an important role in my job hunting process and would highly recommend her services to job seekers."

Eric P., JD, Texas

" I had not been on a real interview in many years, so I was feeling very apprehensive about looking for a new job and starting to interview again. I did an interview coaching call with Victoria, and she walked me through the whole process from start to finish – from greeting the receptionist on the day of the interview to tips on negotiating salary. She gave me advice on things I would never have thought of! I went into my first interview feeling much more at ease and confident than I would have otherwise. I highly recommend Victoria – she is definitely in your corner and will help you tackle any career issue!"

Stephanie K., Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio is excellent at what she does, and she delivers results quickly and efficiently with a high degree of quality. Victoria added the desired keywords to my profile so that it could be found by hiring managers and executive staffing firms. This reduced my efforts and allowed me to focus on other things. Also, the connections and skills endorsements she added enhanced my profile significantly. Finally, she crafted a high-level, executive resume for me, and made my background and achievements shine."

Phyllis D., Massachusetts

" My advice to anyone considering a job or career change, to set up a time to speak with Victoria. Yes, she can assist with the reconstruction of your CV and your LinkedIn page, but in my opinion, it's her experience as a veteran recruiter that makes her input so useful. Lastly, her recommendations and curating of my professional presentations have been second to none."

Erick M., California

" Stellar work! Victoria is very professional and simply she is an expert in her field. She is an excellent recourse, and a master at resume writing and providing advice necessary for gaining employment. She has been a tremendous asset to me in re-writing my resume so that it gets noticed! Thank you!"

Bonnie C., Virginia

" The work that Victoria LoCascio completed on my resume and LinkedIn profile landed me an amazing new job! A recruiter did a search on LinkedIn in my industry, and said that my profile was at the top of his search-results list so he contacted me. A few weeks later, I accepted his job offer and started my dream job! Victoria added the perfect keywords to my profile so that it was found by recruiters and hiring managers. I learned about Victoria and the Ace Your Interview services through LinkedIn. After an initial phone call, I decided that she would be perfect to help me land the right position. She worked with me on what to do, and what not to do, regarding my professional photo, LinkedIn skills section, and specific wording used on my LinkedIn profile. I was happily surprised that within 24 hours of Victoria’s work on my profile with the LinkedIn Boost Service, I began getting job inquires. Up to that point, I rarely received any inquires. As Victoria worked on my resume, she created a list of questions for me. Great questions that really made me think about what I had done, and what I wanted to do. Victoria took the answers to the questions and put together an exceptional resume. Once the resume was completed, and my LinkedIn profile was updated with the new text, I began getting 2 to 4 job inquires a week from recruiters or hiring managers. Victoria is professional, personable, and precise in her writing, as well as being very responsive to any and all questions. Thank you Victoria for a job very well done!"

Susan P., Texas

" Victoria LoCascio did a great job working on my resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter! She was very easy to work with and talk to, and she produced extremely strong and well-written documents for me. She also made my LinkedIn profile look amazing by adding a lot of connections and skills endorsements. Victoria was an enormous help with the job search process, and it was a pleasure working with her."

Christina H., Massachusetts

" Having spent 16 years working in sales at the same company, I didn’t have a resume or LinkedIn profile so I contacted various resume-writing companies to start the process. The Ace Your Interview website clearly explained the services offered, and after a consultation call with Victoria, I felt confident that she was the right person to work on my documents. After creating a professional-looking resume, Victoria built a LinkedIn profile for me from scratch. She explained how the LinkedIn algorithm categorizes profiles according to keywords, and she did the LinkedIn Boost Service on my profile, which added keywords, connections, and endorsements. This Service made my brand new profile look like it had been on the LinkedIn site for years, and it helped my profile rank higher for my important keywords. Now I can connect to customers and potential customers, and feel assured that my profile gives a great impression to viewers. Victoria delivered more than promised, and I’m delighted with the final products. I highly recommend Victoria and her services to anyone in need of a job, and to anyone who wants to improve their LinkedIn presence."

Wendy J., Pennsylvania

" I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio. Over the last 20 years as an attorney, I have learned to seek expert advice for tasks that are outside my areas of expertise. When it came time to refresh my resume and update my LinkedIn page, I quickly realized that I needed assistance. Victoria formatted my resume to give it a much more appealing look and feel, and strengthened the wording to highlight my background and achievements. She also updated my LinkedIn profile, which now looks very professional. Victoria explained how LinkedIn profiles gain visibility, worked with me to select the appropriate keywords, and increased the number of my connections and endorsements with the LinkedIn Boost Service. I am extremely satisfied with the results of Victoria's services and with her high level of expertise."

Dave D., JD, CIPP, Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio made all the difference in my job search. Moving around, let alone up, in the library world is extremely difficult. With far more trained librarians in the job market than available library positions, landing a job is an intensely competitive enterprise. Seasoned performers with master’s degrees fill entry-level positions. Applying to jobs in different states from where I lived was also presenting a challenge. This was the world I found myself in after getting my Master’s in Library and Information Science. After applying to 50+ positions and receiving literally zero call-backs, I was feeling helpless. Then I spoke with Victoria! In a 2-hour coaching call, she not only changed my whole approach to the job search, she coached me on every aspect of the process, from my resume and cover letter to my interview and salary negotiating strategy. After Victoria's coaching, I sent out my improved resume, got my first call back, landed an interview, and was hired at my dream position in my dream city! The best news is that I was hired at a much higher salary than I thought possible by using Victoria’s negotiating strategies! Thank you Victoria—I can't recommend your services and Ace Your Interview enough."

Brian A., MLIS, Massachusetts

" Searching for a job has changed drastically over the last 10 years. Finding someone as knowledgeable and helpful as Victoria was absolutely essential to helping me understand LinkedIn strategies and to getting my profile noticed. My professional visibility is so much higher now after Victoria revised my profile and completed the LinkedIn Boost Service on it. Additionally, my resume looks much more executive level due to stronger wording and formatting. I would highly recommend Victoria LoCascio as she works tirelessly to help her clients."

Clay D., Massachusetts

" I enthusiastically recommend working with Victoria LoCascio at Ace Your Interview. She invested time to understand my career objectives, thoroughly answered my questions, and provided excellent advice about how to get noticed during the application process. Victoria used her expertise to rewrite my resume and LinkedIn profile, and they both look flawless and show me in the best possible manner. The LinkedIn Boost Service much improved my profile with more connections and endorsements, and my profile now has increased visibility on the LinkedIn system due to the new keywords. After utilizing Victoria’s services, I feel much more prepared to land a job and confident in the process."

Stephen C., MS, Massachusetts

" I received multiple positive responses from potential employers within days of sending out my new and improved resume from Victoria LoCascio, and already have numerous interviews scheduled! Victoria did a thorough transformation and amazing job on both my resume and my LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend working with Victoria, and am glad I chose to hire her! She is specific and detailed, and has great strategies to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by hiring managers and recruiters with her LinkedIn Boost Service. Her resume writing and formatting skills are very impressive. I cannot thank Victoria enough for her wonderful work! I recommend her to everyone due to the services I received, and the great results I’ve had."

Katie S., New York

" Victoria's service has been a big boost to my profile and resume. From the start, she was a good listener, personable, and direct. She was able to direct without any ambiguity to bring out the best from my background. With ample instructions, examples, and reasoning, Victoria wasted no time at all during the process. My resume now looks crisp with just the appropriate content that matters, and my LinkedIn profile looks strong and benefited from the LinkedIn Boost Service. I feel like I can go back to her anytime for further direction and insight as needed. I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio and Ace Your Interview! Time and money very well spent for great services."

Thiyagesh N., CSM, New York

" It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Victoria LoCascio to anyone who is looking to update their resume and/or their Linked In profile, along with other job search services. As a detail-oriented professional, I had a pretty good resume. Victoria was able to raise it many more levels to make it appropriate for C-Level executive positions. At a similar level, she was able to work her magic on my LinkedIn profile and transformed it into a highly polished professional profile. Then she added connections and endorsements with the LinkedIn Boost Service, which made a big difference in how my profile looks. My decision to work with Victoria was largely based on her expert qualifications and scores of satisfied clients. I am very glad to have chosen to work with her, and I highly recommend Ace Your Interview. "

BG N., MBA, New York

" Victoria is wonderful to work with! She helped with my Resume and LinkedIn profile, tailoring each to my specific skill set with great attention to detail. I also signed up for the Boost Service, which I would highly recommend to anyone. My profile was completely transformed, and now I have the connections and endorsements to help me stand out! I learned a lot from Victoria during the process, and she provided regular progress updates throughout. Bottom line: Invest in yourself--the services that Victoria offers are well worth it!"

David T., Maine

" I needed a resume writing service as my resume was very old and required a complete change. Viewing this as a long-term investment, I searched for the best expert out there. After an extensive search, I ended up using Ace Your Interview, and Victoria LoCascio brought both my LinkedIn profile and my resume to a much more professional level. I purchased The Interview Package and the LinkedIn Boost Service, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. Victoria is extremely skilled and experienced, and went above and beyond for me. The new resume and LinkedIn profile have jump-started my job search, and I've had great results landing interviews. I also used Victoria for interview coaching, which increased my confidence and preparedness. I can’t recommend her specialized services enough."

Eyal K., New Jersey

" I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio. I’m thankful that a friend of mine recommended her to me since I needed to overhaul my LinkedIn profile and resume. Victoria updated my resume content and format, and my LinkedIn profile, and made them both much more effective in communicating my experiences. Also, she completed the LinkedIn Boost Service to help my LinkedIn profile give a better first impression and rank higher in searches. This Service made an enormous difference in my profile in just a few days. Victoria is very easy to work with, and she does a wonderful job explaining everything throughout the process. I am extremely happy with the final products!"

Bill M., MBA, Pennsylvania

" Experience with integrity is what comes to mind when I think about Victoria LoCascio. I had the good fortune to learn of her company, Ace Your Interview, through my business partner. After watching the video on her website about how a LinkedIn profile really works, I realized that I needed help with mine. I am impressed with Victoria’s knowledge of the LinkedIn algorithm, and the tools she has in order to launch a LinkedIn profile to new heights with her LinkedIn Boost Service. My profile received well over the promised 600 connections and 300 skills endorsements, and both categories are still continuing to grow. In addition, she helped me understand the importance of a professional resume that coincides with my LinkedIn profile. I really felt that Victoria was working for my best interests. If you are looking for a job, trying to attract new clients, or wanting to update your professional image, contact Victoria to make an easy investment in yourself. You will be glad you did."

James A., MGIST, GISP, Massachusetts

" My resume and LinkedIn profile were a mess, and after weeks of tinkering to try to find the optimal format, I decided to hire a professional and am so glad I did. Victoria LoCascio is exactly that, a consummate professional. She is extremely organized, very detail oriented, and highly effective. The results far exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended Victoria and to a couple of friends, and will continue to sing her praises."

Bill D., MS, Massachusetts

" Working with Victoria LoCascio was an absolute pleasure. She was very responsive and helped transform my resume from mediocre to outstanding. Recent feedback from recruiters and peers, who have seen both the before and after versions of my resume, confirm that it has exponentially improved. Victoria also did an outstanding job with my LinkedIn profile, resulting in a quadrupling of my connections, the addition of many endorsements, and improvement in my profile ranking. This has given me much needed visibility which in turn has resulted in a true LinkedIn "Boost" that separates me from others in my field. I highly recommend using Victoria and Ace Your Interview. Many frustrating months of no results have been replaced for me by numerous positive results in a very short time frame due to Victoria’s expertise."

Greg C., New Hampshire

" I couldn’t be happier with the services provided to me by Ace Your Interview. Victoria LoCascio’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. The creativity that went into writing my resume and revamping my resume format is lauded and appreciated. The LinkedIn Boost Service much improved my profile by adding keywords, connections, and endorsements. I am a very happy customer, and will be recommending Victoria’s services to my contacts."

Uelysee S., Connecticut

" Trying to narrow down more than 20 years of diverse experience into an appealing resume, while maintaining correlation to LinkedIn social media guidelines for maximum exposure, is no easy task. Victoria LoCascio has a very meticulous methodology on how to do so. By working her process and utilizing her deep understanding in the LinkedIn search and exposure mechanism, one will achieve optimal results. I purchased Victoria's LinkedIn Boost Service, and her Resume and LinkedIn profile writing services. Victoria delivered on her promises while providing excellent service, and she produced a complete and perfect product above my expectations."

Eyal S., MBA, Massachusetts

" I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio for her Executive Resume and LinkedIn writing and optimization services. She is extremely thorough and aware of what it takes to bring crisp messaging and keywords based on your objectives. From the first time we talked, Victoria was efficient and effective in executing her playbook, and highly responsive and consultative throughout the process. If you are looking to best position your profile online and with prospective employers, and to have a powerful resume, I recommend Ace Your Interview services."

Dev W., MS, CSM, Massachusetts

" As many previous testimonials have stated, Victoria really goes above and beyond for her clients. Victoria quoted me a price to work on my resume and LinkedIn page. I am sure she spent more than double the amount of time she planned/quoted on my resume, and it looks very professional and definitely highlights my skills and results much better than what I had. The resulting number of LinkedIn connections and endorsements that she added as part of the LinkedIn Boost Service were considerably more than promised, and my profile looks absolutely wonderful. I am very pleased with everything Victoria LoCascio has done for me, and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional appearance on LinkedIn and on paper, and looking to improve their job search."

Anne C., Florida

" Victoria LoCascio was a tremendous asset in helping me think about how I present my professional brand on LinkedIn and on my resume. She has the background, experience, and temperament to support a broad range of needs, and I am very pleased with the final resume documents and LinkedIn profile. Victoria identified the goal, kept it front and center, and let it guide her throughout the process. I have recommended Victoria and Ace Your Interview to others in need of a subject matter expert, and I am grateful for the communication we had throughout the process."

Tanya Z., MBA, Massachusetts

" Victoria is fantastic. She is very detail oriented, and she manages expectations and timelines very well. Victoria delivered a great end result that improved my resume and LinkedIn profile, and increased my LinkedIn profile visibility, keywords, connections, and endorsements. I am extremely satisfied with the end result, and strongly recommend Ace Your Interview and Victoria LoCascio."

Jeff R., Maine

" Victoria LoCascio was an invaluable asset for me to develop new interviewing skills to use in my job search. I had been struggling in the past, not understanding what I was doing wrong, and Victoria was able to quickly identify my weak spots and help me develop a strategy going into each interview. I plan to have her help me again in the future, leveraging her resume and/or LinkedIn services. It is hard sometimes to recognize we are doing something wrong, but it is in our own best interest to do so. I am happy I was able to identify my weaknesses thanks to Victoria, and I am glad I took the first step in improving my skills by contacting her. I think everyone can benefit from Victoria’s help and Ace Your Interview services."

Beatrice B., J.D., Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio will skillfully and efficiently increase your job search results. Her LinkedIn Boost Service is fantastic, and her coaching and resume drafting skills are terrific. She uses an acute awareness for details and finesse to deliver high-quality results. Victoria’s work is dynamic and professional, and it was an absolute pleasure working with her."

Matthew S., New York

" I found Victoria on LinkedIn while browsing profiles of resume writers, and after reading her many positive recommendations, I decided to contact her. I'm so glad I hired her to write my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, and to coach me on interviewing skills. I had worked with other resume writers in the past, but my documents never helped me to land any interviews. This time was thankfully different, and hiring Victoria was the best decision I made to make my job search successful. Victoria effectively revamped my resume so it showcases my skills, abilities, and accomplishments throughout my work history. She composed a well-written cover letter to help me get the attention of hiring managers and stand out from other applicants. Victoria over-delivered on the LinkedIn Profile Boost Service by adding extra connections and endorsements. She really went above and beyond to make sure everything looked perfect on all my documents. Victoria imparted excellent job search advice and strategies, and it was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend Ace Your Interview and Victoria LoCascio if you want dramatic results!"

Jason V., Massachusetts

" If you are looking for a certified resume writer to create an executive resume, a persuasive cover letter, and a highly visible LinkedIn profile, then you should hire Victoria from Ace Your Interview. I initially emailed Victoria at 9pm, and received a reply within an hour. The same prompt and efficient service was standard throughout the entire process of working with her. Victoria expertly researched my unique background and current company (CEO of a company that improves production in ammonia chemical plants), and she produced a powerful resume. The format looks very high level, and it is beautifully constructed. Even with all the information on my resume (consulting experience, industry awards, speaking engagements, Board positions, patents, etc.), it is easy to read, and does not look cluttered. Victoria also modified each section of my LinkedIn profile so that it matched my resume content. Additionally, she built a perfect list of skills categories for my profile, and added hundreds of connections and endorsements with her LinkedIn Boost Service. The whole process flowed smoothly from start to finish, and was completed on time. Victoria is a no-fluff resume writer who understands how hiring managers and recruiters read resumes, and she will go above and beyond to make sure that you land a great job. She is easy to talk with, and has a lot of valuable advice about the job-search process. Victoria LoCascio has my highest recommendation since her outstanding work produced remarkable results on my end. "

Kevin M., California

" Victoria LoCascio is a high energy individual with a great sense of purpose and integrity. Her leadership in supporting my efforts to improve my CV/resume is a great example of using a subject matter expert to drive to a better outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of this support."

Bill D., New Brunswick, Canada

" Everyone should be fortunate enough to work with Victoria LoCascio at some point in his or her career. I have been completing a PhD program for the past 7 years, and since I will be on the job market within the next year, I decided to prepare for my job search. After researching various companies and talking with numerous résumé writers, there was a clear choice regarding whom I should hire. Victoria put me at ease during our consultation call and thoroughly answered my questions. I felt convinced that with her many years of experience, she would deliver an exceptional product, and I could not be more pleased with the final products and services that I received from her. Victoria took a large amount of information regarding my background, and created an impressive, well-organized résumé (CV). Every word was flawless from the first draft that she sent to me. She then created a LinkedIn profile for me, and added keywords, connections, and skills endorsements (Boost Service). I went from having no LinkedIn profile at all, to having a strong profile that makes me look highly professional. Finally, I hired Victoria for an hour coaching session to discuss interviewing strategies, and during this hour, I learned a wealth of information and advice that I will utilize during my job search. Victoria is a first-rate expert on résumés, LinkedIn profiles, and job interviews."

Stephen C., PhD, New York

" Wow, my new resume and LinkedIn profile look incredible. Victoria rewrote and updated my resume, providing me with a sophisticated, stylish resume with strong wording that shows my value, highlights my achievements, and makes me look like a superstar employee. I am confident that my new resume will get the attention of hiring people. Victoria also modified my LinkedIn profile to match my new resume, and she did the LinkedIn Boost Service on my profile. Now my profile looks professional and has a lot of connections and endorsements, and more people are viewing it. Victoria was a joy to work with, and she offered a lot of fantastic advice throughout the process. She delivered more than she promised, and finished everything within the timeframe that she promised. Victoria LoCascio, thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my project. Everything is perfect, and you have increased my confidence and enthusiasm in my job search. I give your company, Ace Your Interview, my highest recommendation."

Yana B., MBA, Kansas

" If you want positive results for your job search, you should definitely contact Victoria from Ace Your Interview. The work that Victoria LoCascio completed on my resume and LinkedIn profile was very detail-oriented, and the end result was perfection. She learned about my background and what I am searching for in my next position, and then used her expertise to create a high-level, executive-looking resume and LinkedIn profile. Additionally, the LinkedIn Boost Service significantly increased my connections and endorsements, so my profile ranks higher for my keywords, appears in more searches, and projects a better first impression to anyone reading it. My new documents and LinkedIn profile immediately started getting me interviews!"

Dave C., MBA, Rhode Island

" Three key things about Victoria LoCascio and her work ethic: (1) she is dedicated to producing a top-notch product for her clients, (2) she will go above and beyond the call of duty to get a stellar product to her clients, and (3) she is extremely good at what she does. I came to Victoria stressed from a previous individual who produced a horrible resume for me. Victoria took the time to listen to my needs and immediately got to work; her turn-around time was within 24 hours! Her attention-to-detail is exquisite, and she is so loyal and passionate about what she does. She will not finish until the job is 100% perfectly completed, even though it meant that we went over our allocated time, which shows Victoria’s true dedication to her craft! I am one happy client, and I proudly recommend Victoria and Ace Your Interview to all my colleagues and friends. Thank you so much!!"

Bernadette C., California

" I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio and Ace Your Interview services to everyone and anyone! I had the pleasure of working with Victoria when I purchased the LinkedIn Boost Service and a Resume Package. Victoria is a qualified expert, and she went above and beyond on my entire project. I was extremely impressed with her creative-writing and persuasive-writing skills, and how professional she made my resume and LinkedIn profile look. She also stunned me with how much the Boost Service (where she added connections and endorsements) improved my LinkedIn profile. Victoria over delivered on all of my expectations and made the process enjoyable, and I look forward to working with her in the future."

Alan S., Massachusetts

" I purchased the LinkedIn Boost Service from Ace Your Interview, and I couldn’t be happier with the work that Victoria LoCascio did to my profile! She added effective keywords for my job title and industry, and then added hundreds of connections and skills endorsements to my profile. Not only did she complete the work that was promised, but she greatly exceeded the promised results! I highly recommend using Victoria if you want to boost your profile’s visibility and make it look very professional."

David P., Massachusetts

" Victoria helped me prepare for an important job interview. In just an hour on the phone, she left me equipped with a number of tips and tools that I will be able to apply in any interview or job interaction in the future. Victoria was direct but gentle in pointing out common mistakes or habits that caused me to interview poorly in the past. She is incredibly knowledgeable about what employers are looking for in candidates, and gave great instruction on how to make a memorable first impression. The strategies she offered for what to do before, during, and after an interview were creative and helpful. My coaching session with Victoria LoCascio made me feel significantly more prepared, and above all, confident in my ability to interview well, and to stand out from the crowd."

Caitlin S., MLA, Pennsylvania

" I had the pleasure of working with Victoria since I hired her to upgrade my resume, provide the LinkedIn Profile Boost Service, and write two cover letters for me. First, Victoria is incredibly professional, and easy to work and talk with. I am not only in the process of looking for a new job, but I’m looking to switch career fields. It really took a load off my shoulders to be able to talk through what I was thinking in terms of career paths, and to discuss my strengths and experiences, and then have Victoria take all of that information and improve the quality of my resume and LinkedIn profile. The final products were perfect. Second, with the LinkedIn Boost Service, it was awesome to see the size of my network grow by 600+ new connections and hundreds of endorsements (much more than advertised) in a little over a week! Third, as cover letter writing can be quite challenging, I appreciated having Victoria write two expert letters (for two different industries) that I will be able to use moving forward. In conclusion, Victoria always goes above and beyond! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Victoria LoCascio, and highly recommend Ace Your Interview services. "

Sherese F., Ed.M., Massachusetts

" Initially I purchased the LinkedIn Boost Service from Ace Your Interview. Victoria LoCascio did such an outstanding job improving my LinkedIn profile and making it look more professional, that I then hired her to rewrite my resume as well. The new resume format and content look incredible. Victoria delivers what she promises on time, and is very professional, polite, and direct. I was so impressed that my daughter is also going to use Ace Your Interview services. Nice Job!"

Greg K., Michigan

" Victoria was amazing when it came to writing me a professional résumé. She asked all the right questions to create a strong résumé for me, and turn-around time was fast as well. Victoria also has vast knowledge of LinkedIn, and she quickly boosted my network and visibility. I received quite an education throughout the process. Thank you Victoria LoCascio!"

Jennifer R., Maine

" After many months of struggling to figure out how my resume should look and how I could improve my LinkedIn profile, Victoria LoCascio was the best thing that could have happened to me. She is very professional, and there are few people that I have worked with who are as efficient and effective as her. Victoria rewrote my resume and LinkedIn profile, and did the LinkedIn Boost Service on my profile. Thanks to Victoria, I am now very confident to send my new resume to companies, and I am just amazed at what she did with my LinkedIn profile. I would recommend Victoria and Ace Your Interview services to anyone."

Berglind M., Massachusetts

" If you want to get noticed as a candidate and WOW recruiters and hiring managers, you MUST hire Victoria LoCascio. I did extensive research on resume writing companies when I started this process, and almost hired ExecuNet. Luckily, I found instead, and hired Victoria (at a much lower price than ExecuNet!). After seeing the resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter that she wrote for me, I can confidently say that nobody does it better than Victoria. The feedback I’ve received from recruiters and hiring managers about my new resume and LinkedIn profile has been extremely positive. My documents and profile not only present me in the best light, but also were designed to make sure that HR professionals notice me through applicant tracking technology systems and social media. The LinkedIn Boost Service added essential keywords to my profile, and made my profile look more prominent with hundreds of skills endorsements and connections. Victoria was professional, responsive, and her insights and recommendations were spot on. She is the expert, and I’m glad I took her advice even when I did not initially see it her way. Hiring Victoria was one of the best investments I’ve made both personally and professionally, and it was a pleasure to work with her."

Gregory M., New Hampshire

" Victoria LoCascio is incredibly detailed, professional, pleasant, and easy to work with. She was truly interested in not only knowing my work history, but also discovering what I was passionate about, and what I was looking for in a new job. I had many conversations with Victoria about my work history and industry, which was refreshing in a resume writer. I've had my resume written twice before, but never to this level of perfection. Thank you Victoria! I landed a new job quickly using your documents and advice. I love my new job, and I’m excited about my future!"

Rachel C., Colorado

" Need help with your resume or LinkedIn profile? Look no further than Ace Your Interview! I was searching for a new career opportunity, but was desperately in need of a resume makeover and a sprucing up of my LinkedIn profile. I discovered Victoria LoCascio after researching many different career companies. Victoria is AMAZING! I was on a tight deadline, and within 2 days I had a brand new resume with a matching LinkedIn profile. Both were highly professional looking and perfectly summarized my background. Victoria also boosted my connections and endorsements and added new keywords, and now my profile ranks #2 out of all my peers. Victoria truly did a phenomenal job and I cannot thank her enough. I have already told all my friends about her services as I was overly impressed, and I wholeheartedly recommend her 100% to anyone serious about finding a new position."

Alex H., New Jersey

" Ace Your Interview was exceptional! Victoria concisely formulated my resume and LinkedIn profile text, and expertly revised the formatting of both documents, taking them to an entirely new professional level. The LinkedIn Boost Service made my profile look powerful with lots of connections, endorsements, and keywords. I immediately started getting interviews! The whole process worked seamlessly as Victoria is not only a great listener, but also very knowledgeable in many job-search topics. And just as importantly, Victoria was able to keep me calm and focused during this very stressful time. Ace Your Interview offers numerous services that provide a job seeker with everything needed for their job search, and I highly recommend the company and Victoria LoCascio."

Tracy G., Massachusetts

" I would use Victoria LoCascio and Ace Your Interview again in a heartbeat. When I initially reached out to Victoria, I was in a time bind. Victoria was immediately responsive, incredibly committed to the personalization needs of my resume, and able to adhere to a fairly unreasonable time frame. More importantly though, Victoria is smart and thoughtful, and she pushed back on me when she knew better about what I needed. She has a process she follows that is professional and concise. By trading emails and a few phone calls between us we were able to rethink my resume and restructure it to much better represent my next steps. The content and format of my new resume is impressively perfect. Victoria encouraged me to utilize her LinkedIn Boost Service. At first I was concerned it was just an upsell but it turned out to be well worth it and I’m glad I purchased it. The Boost Service made my profile look very polished and professional with connections and endorsements, and rank high for views and keywords. Victoria was not just a pleasure to work with but we had fun. I really enjoyed the process and Victoria’s knowledge and sense of humor. Overall I paid a bit more to hire Victoria than her peers but I had a feeling from our first phone call that it would be worth every penny. Victoria’s services were worth the investment in my future, and I’m happy I didn’t skimp on these important documents. "

Lance P., MBA, New Jersey

" Victoria LoCascio did a great job improving my LinkedIn profile. She completed the LinkedIn Boost Service ahead of schedule, and added more connections and endorsements than promised. My profile now looks much more professional, and has keywords to help it get found and to rank higher in searches. Victoria also provided a lot of information about how to land a job, and how to increase my professional presence."

Joseph B., Washington, D.C.

" I hired Victoria LoCascio to increase my LinkedIn connections and endorsements with her LinkedIn Boost Service. Victoria did such a remarkable job boosting my LinkedIn profile, that I enthusiastically hired her to rewrite my résumé and LinkedIn profile text. She is a true and honest professional, and I can’t say enough impressive things about her! Both my résumé and LinkedIn profile are now strongly worded, contain many appropriate keywords, and look very professional. Victoria has a high level of attention to detail, and she made sure that every item on my résumé and LinkedIn profile was perfect. My sincere thanks, Victoria, for your services and job search advice. I highly recommend Victoria’s company, Ace Your Interview, for anyone who wants to add a professional edge to their resume and LinkedIn profile."

Preeti I., PhD, Germany

" I highly recommend Victoria and Ace Your Interview services. As I transitioned from a long-term Army career to a private-sector job during the past 3 years, I worked with many government and private companies that offer professional resume and LinkedIn writing, and career coaching. By far, Victoria's company was the best and the most effective at helping me! After my free consultation, the decision was easy. Victoria is brilliant, thoughtful, and thorough. She diligently worked to enhance my resume. Her ability to persuasively characterize a variety of work experiences was impressive. I am receiving many quality responses from hiring managers and recruiters due to my new resume and the revised descriptions of my diverse work experience. My LinkedIn profile ranks in the Top 1% of my network after the LinkedIn Boost Service, and it is embedded with strong keywords. Her knowledge of the LinkedIn platform is an asset to any professional or organization. Victoria delivered an incredible resume and professional LinkedIn profile, and provided exceptional job search counsel. In just a few days, her work made an enormous difference in my job search. Thank you, Victoria LoCascio, for a world-class experience!"

Ardrelle E., Ed.D., Louisiana

" I contacted Victoria LoCascio to be prepared for an upcoming restructuring at my company, just in case. Victoria did such an amazing job on my LinkedIn profile and resume. When the restructuring happened, I was more than ready with Victoria's help. Fortunately, I was unaffected this particular time but you can never be too sure. Thanks to Victoria though, I had already started getting contacted by recruiters left and right. The LinkedIn profile redesign, the LinkedIn Boost Service, and her thorough update of my resume put me in a much better position than I could have hoped for, and I've received numerous interview requests due to the updated documents. Victoria is a true professional. I have already referred several other people to her, which speaks to how pleased I am with the final product. "

Wayne M., Massachusetts

" Professional, brilliant, passionate, and personable are just some of the words I use to describe Victoria LoCascio. I have hired a number of resume writers in my career, and can’t tell you how many LinkedIn training systems and consultants I have engaged with. None of them compares to the value and results I received from working with Victoria. She is an expert at everything she says she can do, she delivers beyond expectations with what she says she will do, and she truly fulfilled the role as my “career consultant” when working with her. What she delivered exponentially increased my LinkedIn effectiveness, and her work on my resume and cover letter has resulted in many inquiries and interviews, which I was not getting before. Victoria comes with my highest possible recommendation, and I will continue to work with her as my career progresses. There is no reason to work with anyone else!"

Brian M., New Jersey

" The best way to get ahead in this world is to stop trying to do everything yourself and to retain the best to help you quickly and efficiently achieve your goals. Victoria LoCascio is the BEST, hands-down! Her professionalism and gracious warmth, coupled with her clear purpose and excellent attention to detail, made this decision easy. I thought I already had a good résumé, but I was not getting any responses. The quality of the updated resume Victoria created for me paints an infinitely better picture of my work experience. It reads more concisely and more persuasively than the original, and looks much more professional. Victoria updated my LinkedIn profile which now looks strong and ranks higher for my important keywords. The LinkedIn Boost Service added a lot of connections and endorsements, so my profile ranking improved on LinkedIn. Victoria's command of how LinkedIn works is an eye-opener and an asset to anyone who wants to have more visibility on LinkedIn. She under-promised and over-delivered! I highly recommend Victoria and Ace Your Interview. Thank you, Victoria!"

William (Bill) T., AIC, Arizona

" I’m very pleased to recommend Victoria LoCascio for the superior job she did on my LinkedIn profile. She carefully reviewed my profile and offered detailed suggestions for improvement, and she boosted my connections and endorsements (and over delivered on the numbers she promised!). Victoria was very diligent, communicative, and provided great advice. I have no doubt that she’ll continue to create outstanding work by helping people with their LinkedIn profiles."

Daniel P., New York

" Initially, I contacted Victoria LoCascio to help me grow my LinkedIn connections. She rewrote my resume and updated my LinkedIn profile. I’ve had many compliments on both my profile and my resume from recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers. She significantly increased the number and quality of my connections, certainly well beyond my expectations. As a result, my LI profile rankings improved considerably. She also grew the number of my endorsements in key skill areas. Victoria’s expertise is invaluable."

Brad S., California

" Victoria LoCascio is best of breed in her craft. Her attention to detail and focus on results is clearly exhibited by the success of her clients. After she redid my resume and LinkedIn profile, and boosted my profile with connections and endorsements, I was amazed at how exceptional everything looked. Victoria is magical, and she is a real pleasure to work with!"

Elliot K., MA, MA, Illinois

" If you are thinking about hiring Victoria LoCascio, stop wondering, and hire her right now. She is a master at her craft. Victoria impressively exceeded my expectations on all the services I purchased (Resume, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Boost Service, and Interview Coaching), and my confidence soared with my new documents and increased knowledge. After struggling for many months to get a job, I hired Victoria, and I landed the first job that I applied to with my new documents! My new boss has mentioned several times during the past months that my resume is the best resume she has ever seen. And she said that she hired me because of something I did during the interview process. I won't give away what it was, but it was something that Victoria told me to do while she was coaching me on how to interview. Victoria knows how to make her clients stand out from the competition, and she is an expert at the little details that make a big difference. Listen, act, and learn from Victoria, or you will be missing the best thing that ever happened to your career."

Claire M., Texas

" I first contacted Victoria LoCascio about rewriting my resume several months ago. I decided to go with a different company who promised more and required less money. After being very disappointed with the outcome, I reached out to Victoria again. I explained what I needed, what kind of person I am, and what I wanted to convey to human resources and hiring managers. Victoria spent hours perfecting my resume and being firm about facts. I liked her depth, honesty, and conviction for getting the facts straight, and for showcasing my abilities in a way that best supported my attributes and skill set. Being an engineer, there are a lot of acronyms and buzzwords in my industry, and Victoria understood how best to handle them on a resume and on LinkedIn. After she finished the LinkedIn Boost Service on my profile, my profile ranks higher in all categories and looks more professional. Victoria is diligent, focused, and comprehensive in her approach. She pays attention to detail and follows through when others in her field fall down. I highly recommend Ace Your Interview and Victoria, and wish her continued success in her business."

Sheila L., Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio did a fantastic job with reformatting and re-wording my resume, polishing my LinkedIn profile to make it look stellar, and boosting my profile’s visibility (I now rank #1 for my company and professionals like me). She is insanely passionate about helping her clients, and her insights into how things work on LinkedIn and in the job market are truly unique and resourceful. Victoria discarded some job search myths with both clarity and patience, and she kept my best interests in mind every step of the way. She worked around my schedule, which meant some late night phone calls, and she rushed my project due to my tight deadline. I highly recommend Victoria for all your professional needs. If you are willing to invest in yourself, she is the best partner you can hope for, and you will feel like you have your very own support team with Victoria helping you!"

Gautham R., MS, Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio rewrote my resume and LinkedIn profile, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with the results. Almost immediately, I heard from 4 recruiters with excellent job possibilities! The statistics showing how my LinkedIn profile ranked were horrible before Victoria revamped my profile and did her “LinkedIn Boost Service” on it. After she finished, my profile ranks #1 in views for my current company (4,678 LI members), and #1 for people similar to me (98 LI members). Also, my profile ranks in the top 1% of profile views among all my connections. Impressive numbers! Victoria redesigned my resume content and format, making it look and read much more professional. As an executive resume writer, the professional summary section she crafted generates interest in wanting to read the rest. Each section of my LinkedIn profile was cleaned up to mirror the info from my perfect new resume to maintain consistency. The “skills” section now has targeted keywords, and Victoria added a lot more endorsements to this part than advertised. She provided a wealth of ingenious advice for managing my job search and my LI profile. If you are looking to take your job-hunting or networking efforts to a stratosphere level, contact Victoria and Ace Your Interview ASAP. Victoria worked round-the-clock on my project, something I have never seen another consultant do. She is dedicated and committed to her profession and clients, whom I can assure you are life-long friends at the end of the project!"

Anthony (Tony) V., Arizona

" Victoria is the ultimate professional and fully understands her craft. I worked with Victoria to update my LinkedIn profile and refresh my resume. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and easy demeanor made for a positive experience. I highly recommend Victoria and The Aces Company if you are seeking a professional product."

Bonnie H., MBA, CSCP, Massachusetts

" Victoria is an exceptionally insightful, hardworking and dedicated professional willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She is an absolute All-Star. If you need her services, I recommend her highly and without reservation."

Mark C., Ohio

" Victoria provides exemplary service for jobseekers who are looking to present their resume in a professionally organized format and who require initial hand-holding navigating LinkedIn. I am very impressed with the superior documents she created, and highly recommend Ace Your Interview if you need an expert to create your resume and LinkedIn profile."

Pramod S., Michigan

" I hired Victoria LoCascio to improve my LinkedIn profile connections and endorsements, and later to write a resume. Victoria worked around the clock, and went above and beyond with her service. Within 9 days, my profile looked well connected and well endorsed, and my resume looked powerful and sounded highly professional. Victoria is a perfectionist who pays attention to every detail, and she is very easy to work with. If you need professional advice, a resume that gets results, or a LinkedIn profile that ranks high for keywords and gets noticed, Victoria offers fast solutions. Her service is a great value. She is awesome!"

Peter H., Georgia

" Victoria did an excellent job on rewriting my Resume. She was thorough in paying close attention to details. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional assistance with their resume and cover letter."

Robert (Bob) C., Virginia

" If you are researching and evaluating resources to refresh your resume and to ensure your credentials are presented concisely, professionally and legitimately, whether on paper or online, look no further than Victoria. Polished, experienced and serious about maximizing your investment, Victoria guides you through a process of refining your presentation in a manner that immediately elevates your professional profile, and leaves you with a full understanding of how to keep it at that level going forward (If, like me, you benefit from visuals that assist in precise, guided walk-throughs, you will love her style). She cuts through the excess, eliminates the redundant and polishes the important. She is the real deal."

Bryant P., Tennessee

" Victoria's work is outstanding! I was amazed that she worked around my schedule and our first discussion was on a Saturday at 3PM to review my Linkedin profile and to get started. Her command of how Linkedin works was a real eye opener. Furthermore, she delivered more connections and endorsements than promised. She also made great enhancements to my resume, and I would highly recommend her services. Thanks Victoria! "

Jason J., Georgia

" The professional services I received from Victoria LoCascio were just stellar! I engaged Victoria to help me improve my resume and LinkedIn profile, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Victoria’s consultative approach is effectively direct and exactly what I needed. Victoria explained the reasons for the changes she recommended and patiently helped me “let go” of my predilections. As I begin my search for a new job, I feel so much more confident with the highly professional resume and LinkedIn profile that Victoria built for me. The experience of working with Victoria was enjoyable and very positive. I highly recommend Victoria and The Aces Company."

Jeffrey P., MBA, Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio is a professional with a clear purpose and goal that definitely exceeded all my expectations; she over-delivered in every aspect! As a transitioning military officer, I received job search and career assistance from the military, but Victoria provided the missing direction and focus for my LinkedIn profile, résumé, and cover letter. Her passion and genuine enthusiasm immediately resonated with me from the first email, and was confirmed by our telephone call session. I truly admire Victoria’s ability to give you straight-forward advice with open and honest communication throughout the process. Her experience, attention to detail, and knowledge are invaluable resources. Victoria also shared valuable professional tips of the trade that will serve me well into the future. I unequivocally recommend the services of Victoria and Ace Your Interview, and will not hesitate to recommend her services to transitioning military members, veterans and others. "

Phil H., MA, Texas

" If I could sum up Victoria's work on my LinkedIn Profile in one word, it would be AMAZING! Honestly speaking, I didn't know much about LinkedIn before I worked with Victoria. Sure, I had a profile, but I wasn't getting the results I wanted from it. Right from speaking with Victoria on the phone, I knew this was a lady who not only had a ton of knowledge about how to make your profile "pop" so to speak, but I knew I was in good hands with her. She went above and beyond with my profile. Not only did she make sure each section looked just right, but she added more connections and endorsements than promised. She even helped me obtain a much better profile photo. I can't say enough good words about her. I'm actually excited about LinkedIn now. Don't hesitate to obtain her services!"

Melanie C., New Jersey

" Victoria was a blessing out of the blue! I wanted to boost my LinkedIn profile, and that is exactly what she did for me. Our conversation, from the first minute, was productive. It was her positive energy, listening ear, and creative ideas that captured my attention. Then I also decided to have her work her magic on my resume. My original resume was done professionally, from another professional writer, but it was the work Victoria did that bumped it up even a few more notches. Thank you Victoria -- you indeed have the upper hand, and stand taller among others who offer the same services. In fact, you made me stand taller too."

Julie O., Illinois

" Victoria LoCascio and her staff are AWESOME. I was applying for positions that I was very qualified for but not getting the responses back. I saw her company on LinkedIn and sent her an email with my story. Our first meeting was on a Saturday night at 5PM, that’s right Saturday night at 5PM. She reviewed my resume and my profile and felt she could make improvements. I was blown away with the quality of work and her level of interaction. I felt like she was in my corner. Since she completed her work, I have had more interest and opportunities come my way. Finding a job is hard work, give yourself the edge and call Victoria. You will be AMAZED. "

James (Jim) M., Massachusetts

" Victoria LoCascio operates on the abundance mentality: under-promise and over-deliver. Not only did Victoria respond timely to my business needs, she created a resume that was professional, well formatted and detailed with less words! Thank you!"

Marie L., MS, PHR, District of Columbia

" I was seeking advice and assistance in upgrading my resume. I made a connection with Victoria LoCascio and The Aces Company through LinkedIn. The quality and the personal attention I received was incredible. Victoria provided me with an updated resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. My cover letter is highly persuasive, my resume is extremely professional looking and written at a high level, and my LinkedIn profile looks great and has much more visibility than prior to working with The Aces Company. I highly recommend that you contact Victoria if you are looking for an expert to help with your job search."

Nick B., MSEE, California

" Victoria is the consummate professional, more than efficient, incredibly knowledgeable, unbelievably personable, and in two words...SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I cannot remember when I've worked with someone more responsive and talented. I HIGHLY recommend Victoria and her services."

Diane Y., MA, MFA, Maryland

" When recently seeking the advice and assistance of Victoria LoCascio and The Aces Company, to reformat and renovate my resume, I had no idea of the level and quality of product I was to receive; it was outstanding! Victoria provided me an initial consultation, outlining a plan to provide me an updated cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile. Her service, thereafter, was thorough and prompt as she followed a clear process to completing her work. She is an exceptional communicator in every right, very intuitive and sharp, listens well and is extremely patient when answering questions and providing exacting insight with a clear and succinct writing style. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier! She and her staff exceeded my expectations, providing me a quality marketing-level product that is well-formatted, current, fresh and modern looking. Additionally, Victoria even provided me top-notch-level advice and council with helpful tips and a useful list of “to-dos” before I “headed out the door” and started networking again. She shows she really cares and has a heart for what she does, having “put her shoulder into her work” well beyond regular working hours, late into the evening. I highly recommend Victoria and The Aces Company to anyone seeking a professional product and sound advice. She and her staff are experts. I am a highly satisfied customer, and this was a well-spent investment!"

Bob K., Oregon

" After all the work that one puts in on professional development and career, I wanted to be sure that my brand reflected what I bring to the table. Victoria LoCascio is a great resource in doing that. She is very knowledgeable, approachable, accessible, easy to work with AND over delivers on every count. She is one-of-a-kind for Linked In profile and job search counsel. Highest recommendation. "

Elizabeth H. S., MBA, CPA, Texas

" The best connection I have ever made on LinkedIn is Victoria LoCascio (The Aces Company). Very professional, and is a great asset to have in your corner with LinkedIn. Very detailed oriented and never over-promises, but Victoria over-delivers every time! Very pleased on what Victoria has done for me."

Doug C., New Hampshire

" I highly recommend working with Victoria LoCascio and The Aces Company. Victoria has completely revamped my LinkedIn profile, cover letter and resume. There is nothing generic or cookie cutter with any of her work. She always goes way beyond to give you the best possible product and to make sure you get best possible job/career that you deserve. Victoria is one of the very few that does care about you getting not just a job, but your dream job. Victoria is a true expert in her field and knows what she is talking about so make sure you use ALL of her services! She is such a pleasure to work with and so kind. Do not hesitate to contact her if you need any LinkedIn help, interview coaching, job advice, or résumé writing."

Nelson O., MBA, Rhode Island

" I first came across Victoria LoCascio's “LinkedIn Service” after watching a video she had posted on tips to improve one's LinkedIn profile. Since I was searching for a new job, the ideas I learned in that video sparked my curiosity and I started to wonder what other changes I could make to improve my profile visibility. After exchanging several emails with Victoria and later speaking with her via phone, I could tell she was an expert LinkedIn trainer and coach, so I gladly signed up for The Aces Company "LinkedIn Service". I was pleased by the results almost immediately. First, I received a full review of my LinkedIn profile by Victoria, with specific recommendations for edits that would improve my profile in the eyes of a recruiter. Next, Victoria got to work with increasing the number of connections on my profile. She also went above and beyond by contacting LinkedIn support to ensure that my profile was displaying properly. Victoria explained to me the importance of keyword endorsements, and I ended up with over 200 endorsements in key skills I wanted to highlight on my profile. I highly recommend Victoria LoCascio as a LinkedIn Trainer. If you want to harness the power of LinkedIn and improve your profile visibility and ranking tenfold, do yourself a favor and contact Victoria. You will be helping your career in the long run. The icing on the cake is that, in addition to being a superb trainer, Victoria is also incredibly gracious and warm, so the rapport is easy and you'll actually enjoy the discussions about your LinkedIn profile and your résumé."

Laura T., California

" Victoria LoCascio is tremendously gifted at her craft. She is the consummate professional, extremely detail oriented and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her and The Aces Company."

Kristen S., Ohio

" I found Victoria LoCascio randomly through LinkedIn and am thankful I did. A complete perfectionist, Victoria made every aspect of my résumé content and format flawless. Then she created an impeccable LinkedIn profile, and connected me with over 800 people in the USA and added over 200 skills endorsements. As a LinkedIn trainer, she taught me how to make my profile more visible and rank higher in search results. After I went on a job interview, Victoria assisted me with writing a thank you to the company. This was not the standard “Thank you for your time” email but rather a targeted follow-up that continued to sell me as the perfect person for the job. Victoria is an energetic, hardworking strategist who imparts innovative career advice and delivers remarkable results. If you need a résumé, interview coaching, job advice or LinkedIn help, I highly recommend working with Victoria and The Aces Company. "

Jeff V. D., Michigan

" After interviewing multiple resume experts, Victoria was the obvious choice. She was also the right choice. The changes made to my resume really make it stand out & it’s now specifically targeted for my purposes. Victoria made the entire process enjoyable. The service she provides leaves you with much more than just a new resume. She shared many helpful insights & tips that really go above & beyond. I highly recommend her!"

Stacey C., Texas

" I had the opportunity to work with Victoria during the summer of 2014. Her advice and revisions to my resume and LinkedIn profile were top notch. She delivered what she promised in the time we spoke upon up front. I highly recommend Victoria to anyone stuck in a career rut, in need of professional coaching, or simply needs advice on how to revise their resume. Regardless of what you may/may not need help with she will give you an honest opinion up-front for a results-oriented service."

Cameron F., Texas

" Thanks Ms.LoCascio founder of Ace Your Interview for sharing important information on how to improve my LinkedIn profile page. The information provided was clear, detailed and inventive. I strongly recommend Ace Your Interview for any professional/student using social media."

Eugene H., Pennsylvania

" Within 2 weeks of working with Victoria LoCascio I received 11 calls for interviews and accepted a new position at a MUCH higher salary than I expected! Victoria rewrote my resume and made it sound much stronger and more professional. She also wrote a high-level, persuasive cover letter. I would have hired me after reading the documents she created! She built a LinkedIn account for me and coached me on interviewing skills, and then we worked together to send out a mass mailing and to apply to online jobs. Great job & thank you!"

Eric J., Pennsylvania

" Victoria LoCascio recently helped me to refine my résumé and target my job search in higher education. Her feedback was extremely helpful, and the finished résumé and cover letter changes really made my strengths stand out. I wanted to wait until I was able to use the advice she gave me to write a review and I am happy to say that after making the changes she recommended, I was invited to interview for 3 out of the 4 positions I applied to. I recently accepted an offer that fits my career goals, as well as my personal and professional experience. I recommend her highly."

Richard F., M.Ed., Massachusetts

" The training is extremely engaging and interactive, and taught me things my professors or the career center never taught me. It’s open discussion to talk about anything from improving interview answers to negotiating salaries. Every minute was spent productively, coaching me on insider secrets and key points that can be easily overlooked: how to make myself standout from the crowd, how to act professional, how to carry myself during different scenarios to overcome nerves or uncertainty, to value my self-worth. The résumé and cover letter that Victoria wrote for me were incredible. With my professional documents and the knowledge from the training, I noticed a HUGE difference in my career search. HR managers responded back with greater interest and I advanced much further through the process. I was offered my dream position with a great salary (using Victoria’s negotiating strategies!) exactly one month after the training. Schools don't prepare students well for life after graduation—I struggled for 4 months after graduating to find a job on my own. Through the group training and some individual coaching, Victoria taught me every step of the process and what to expect so I always felt prepared. I couldn’t be happier and I owe it all to Ace Your Interview for the knowledge and support."

Annie N., Massachusetts