Drastically Decrease Your Job Search Time

3-Hour Seminar

Increase your confidence Reduce your stress Get excited about your job search

Whether you have been looking for a new job for weeks or are just starting your job search, this 3-hour Land Your Dream Job Seminar is for you! Learn in-depth strategies and insider secrets for obtaining your next job during this engaging and informative presentation by Ace Your Interview president Victoria LoCascio. As a former hiring manager and speech professor, Victoria loves presenting to and interacting with audiences, and empowering them to achieve their career dreams.

Land Your Dream Job Seminar Learn How To:

Ace Your Interview Create a powerful LinkedIn profile that gets noticed and ranks highly in searches, and use LinkedIn to assist with your job search
Ace Your Interview Craft a riveting résumé and a compelling cover letter to distinguish yourself from the competition, and learn the most common mistakes on them
Ace Your Interview Uncover the hidden job market and apply for jobs before they are advertised (less competition to beat!)
Ace Your Interview Get noticed by hiring managers using Victoria’s insider tips and real-world advice collected from hundreds of candidates
Ace Your Interview Handle phone interviews confidently so you will progress to the next step, and establish rapport (small talk) with the interviewer
Ace Your Interview Crush the competition and excel during your interview with proven methods that will boost your confidence during every phase
Ace Your Interview Collect quality research on a potential company, the interviewer, and the position so you sound credible and knowledgeable
Ace Your Interview Conduct the perfect follow up after every step of the interview process to keep advancing
Ace Your Interview Prepare strong answers to the top 10 interview questions, and improve your answers to questions using an easy formula
Ace Your Interview Negotiate a higher salary so you will increase your lifetime of earnings (if you are not negotiating, you are leaving money on the table!)


All seminar participants receive the highly coveted résumé template that Victoria created and uses for her clients, so you may convert your résumé into a professional-looking one. Your résumé will stand out from the crowd of applicants! This document is provided in Microsoft Word format.


    • Investment: $299
      (includes 3-hour seminar and résumé template)

    • VIP Package (only 2 available per seminar): $599
      (includes 3-hour seminar and résumé template, plus 1-hour strategy session one-on-one with Victoria LoCascio)


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Customized Seminars

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          Loving LinkedIn
          Create a powerful profile and utilize LinkedIn in your job search
          Riveting Résumés & Compelling Cover Letters
          Write impressive documents that lead to interviews
          Crushing the Competition
          What to do before, during, and after your interview to win the job
          Land Your Dream Job
          The popular Ace Your Interview seminar customized for your group
  • Length is flexible depending on your group’s needs.
  • Topics may be combined and offered in the same session.
  • Individual coaching sessions for group members may be added after a seminar.
  • Seminars are available worldwide.
  • Contact us for more information or to schedule your seminar.