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Recruiters and hiring managers scout LinkedIn to find candidates to interview. Are they contacting you?

        • Do you have a large network of at least 1,000 connections and a diverse network
          so recruiters and hiring managers can find your profile?
        • Does your profile look well endorsed so you look credible, popular and professional?

Increase your Profile Ranking & Profile Visibility & Network Size & Endorsements
so more recruiters and hiring managers will notice your profile
and contact you to interview for their open positions!

Within 7 Days, Your LinkedIn Profile:

Will be reviewed and critiqued by our company president during a phone consultation with her so you can learn how to change your LinkedIn profile into a powerful profile that impresses people.
Will be first-level connected to over 500 diverse professionals in the United States who are NOT LinkedIn Open Networkers (LIONs).

• These 500 connections will instantly add millions of professionals to your total network. When recruiters and hiring managers search LinkedIn for candidates to fill open positions, they will not see your profile unless you are connected to them or connected to someone in their network. If you are not in the hiring person’s network, your profile will not appear in their searches so they will not find you. The larger your network, the better your chances that a hiring person will notice your profile, contact you for an interview and hire you for a job!

• If you live in the United States, it is important that your connections are with professionals who live in the United States who are not LIONs. This will increase the chances that you are being seen by the right hiring people (see bottom of this page for more info on why people outside the U.S. and why LIONs are not credible connections or endorsements).

Will receive over 200 endorsements in the Skills section from professionals in the United States who are NOT LinkedIn Open Networkers (LIONs).

• Endorsements are essential so when hiring managers and recruiters look at your profile they will see that many of your connections value your skills and have endorsed you. If you live in the United States, for your endorsements to appear credible it is imperative that they come from people in the United States who are not LIONs. Endorsements from people outside the U.S. or from LIONs are obviously fake.

TIP: Do not endorse everyone in your network in the hope that they will endorse you back! Hiring people can easily click on your connections and see whom you have endorsed. Endorsing everyone makes you look like a desperate job search candidate since it is obvious that you are trying to collect reciprocal endorsements.

Will be connected to our company president’s massive LinkedIn network of quality connections.


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When we say 7 days or 500 connections or 200 endorsements, we mean it!
If we don’t deliver within the specified timeframe, we will refund your full purchase price.



Other companies that sell LinkedIn connections are simply connecting you people who are LinkedIn Open Networkers, which dramatically hurts your credibility. Also, most of the people they connect you with will be people who live outside the United States, which also damages your credibility if you reside in the U.S. You will have the same issue with any random list of emails that you find online—they are LIONs and/or live outside the United States—and adding them to your account will hurt your credibility.

Hiring people looking at your profile will easily notice that you are connected to hundreds of people outside the United States and that your connections and endorsements are all Open Networkers or foreigners.

Instead of your connections helping you to look professional and respected, your connections and endorsements will hurt you when they look so obviously fake. Before buying connections and endorsements, you must verify that only United States professionals and only non-LIONs will be added to your profile.


  • Purchase, then call our office at 857.600.ACES for a phone consultation with Victoria LoCascio where she will explain the process, complete a review of your profile and obtain your LinkedIn info.
  • There is no software that can complete this service—it is all done manually and only possible due to the quality connections and relationships built over the past decade.
  • We offer a LIMITED NUMBER of LinkedIn Services each month due to the time intensive nature of this Service. If the box below says “Sold Out”, please visit our site on the 1st of the next month, when we will reopen this Service for purchase.


More LinkedIn Info

  • LinkedIn stops showing your connections number on your public profile once you hit 500+. Reaching this number quickly is important so people know that you are well connected.
  • LinkedIn monitors the number of connection requests that you send to people, the number of people who accept your request and the number of people who deny your request (and who mark you as “Spam” or “I don’t know this person”). If you receive a lot of “Spam” or “I don’t know this person” denials, LinkedIn will severely restrict your account and not allow you to connect with new people unless you provide their email address. For this reason you should not randomly send connection requests to people you don’t know.
  • LIONs (LinkedIn Open Networkers) or Super Connectors are individuals who will connect with anyone who sends them an invitation. The word “LION” (or “Super Connector” or “Connect with me” or “I never IDK” – which stands for “I don’t know”) is clearly noted in their profile so everyone knows that it is okay to send them an invitation. You should not connect with these people since it will be obvious that you do not know the person and are just trying to connect with a large number of random people. Endorsements from LIONs on your profile appear suspicious and do not give you any credibility. In fact, connecting with and receiving endorsements from LIONS hurts your credibility as recruiters and hiring managers know how LIONs work the LinkedIn system.
  • Many individuals outside the United States use LinkedIn as a marketing, employment and social tool. You should not connect with people outside the US or receive endorsements from them (unless you know them) since it will be obvious that you are trying to connect with random people. As with LIONS, connecting with and receiving endorsements from non-US people hurts your credibility as recruiters and hiring managers know how people outside the US work the LinkedIn system.
  • Unemployed people will use the term “Seeking employment” or “Open to new opportunities” or “Looking for my next opportunity” in their profile. They want their profile read by many people and tend to connect to anyone. You should not connect with people with these terms in their profile (unless you know them).


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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“Never wear a backward baseball cap to an interview unless applying for the job of umpire.”
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